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De Leidse Koorboeken vol.5 Codex E (Iconoclasm)

De_Leidse_Koorbo_517e9f07369ee.jpgDe Leidse Koorboeken vol.5 Codex E (Beeldenstorm)

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De Leidse Koorboeken Volume 5    Codex E (Ms. 1442)


Et'cetera KTC 1414 (2014)

Of the six mid-sixteenth century Leiden Choirbooks that have been preserved, Book E (Ms. 1442) is without doubt the shabbiest. On the outside it looks impressive, but the shiny leather cover is no more than a modern copy of the original sixteenth century binding, which has been completely lost. It is immediately evident that the manuscript is no match for the larger books A, B, C and D, which are all about 15 cm. higher and wider. When you open the book - which anyone can do digitally at - it is clear that little attention was paid to putting any finishing touches to the manuscript. Whereas books A, B, C and D (dating from 1549 and 1559) are perfectly written, with beautifully illuminated lettering and the composers’ names in red, choirbook E looks rather shoddy. We can distinguish the handwriting styles of at least eight different copyists, who appear to have taken little trouble to write the music out neatly, let alone add any decoration. However, as so often happens, a shabby manuscript can often turn out to be more interesting than a beautifully finished book.

Superius: Ellen van Ham, Maria Goetze, Maria Valdmaa, Susan Jonkers, Dorien Lievers, Marleene Goldstein
Altus: Peter de Groot, Hugo Naessens, Daniel Elgersma, Kaspar Kröner, Gerben van der Werf
Tenor: William Knight, João Moreira, Albert van Ommen, Stefan Berghammer, Alberto ter Doest, Robert Coupe, Matthew Vine Baritone: Hans Wijers, Jasper Schweppe
Bassus: Donald Bentvelsen, Bas Ramselaar, Hans Pootjes Sound editor: Erik Beijer Recording engineer: Tom Dunnebier